Macbook Pro 2017: 5 Powerful Features to Elevate Your Productivity

Macbook Pro 2017: 5 Powerful Features to Elevate Your Productivity

Introduction: Why the Macbook Pro 2017?

So you’re eyeing the Macbook Pro 2017? Great choice! While it’s not the latest model, there are plenty of reasons why this particular version could be the perfect fit for you. From affordability to tried-and-tested performance, the Macbook Pro 2017 has a lot to offer. But what makes it stand out? Let’s dive right in!

Macbook Pro 2017: An Overview

When it comes to balancing both performance and design, the Macbook Pro 2017 hits the sweet spot.


The Macbook Pro 2017 comes with a choice between Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, which makes it versatile for all types of workloads. You’re also looking at between 8 to 16GB of RAM and storage options starting from 128GB. Sounds pretty awesome, right?


Remember the first time you unboxed an Apple product? That sleek design, the pristine finish—it’s all there in the Macbook Pro 2017. With a unibody aluminum case and a weight starting at just 3 pounds, it’s both elegant and portable.


Ever heard the phrase “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”? That’s the Macbook Pro 2017 for you. It continues the legacy of high-speed performance and reliability that Apple laptops are known for.

Features You’ll Love

Retina Display

One word: stunning. The Macbook Pro 2017 comes with a retina display that will make everything look crisp and vibrant. You’ve probably heard the term “Retina” thrown around, but what does it actually mean? Essentially, it’s Apple’s way of saying the pixels are packed so tightly that your eyes can’t discern individual ones from a normal viewing distance. Imagine the sharpness of a printed page combined with the dynamic color range of digital media. A feast for your eyes, isn’t it?

Thunderbolt 3 Ports

Ever fumbled around with multiple cables, trying to find the right one to connect your devices? The Thunderbolt 3 ports on the Macbook Pro 2017 are here to simplify your life. Not only do they allow data transfer at blistering speeds, but they can also charge your laptop and connect to external displays. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for connectivity!

Touch Bar

Some people love it; some people feel indifferent, but no one can deny that the Touch Bar adds a dash of futuristic aesthetics to the Macbook Pro 2017. This multi-touch enabled strip replaces the function keys at the top of your keyboard, giving you quick access to frequently used commands. You can customize it based on the applications you use, enhancing both functionality and convenience.

Macbook Pro 2017

Comparing Macbook Pro 2017 With its Predecessor

Wondering how the Macbook Pro 2017 stacks up against its predecessor? Let’s break it down.


The Macbook Pro 2017 comes equipped with Kaby Lake processors, a step up from the Skylake processors found in the previous models. While you may not notice a massive boost in everyday tasks, this difference comes into play during heavy computational work or multitasking. So if you’re into video editing or 3D modeling, the Macbook Pro 2017 offers a slight but noticeable edge.

Battery Life

Battery life has always been a point of contention for any laptop, not just Macbooks. However, the Macbook Pro 2017 offers incremental improvements over its predecessor, giving you around 10 hours of battery life for light tasks. That’s enough to get you through a full workday without breaking a sweat!


As we already discussed, Thunderbolt 3 ports are a standout feature in the Macbook Pro 2017. While the predecessor also offered this, the newer model has refined its capabilities and efficiency.

Why Choose Macbook Pro 2017 Over Newer Models

Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I go for a Macbook Pro 2017 when there are newer models out there?” Fair question! Here’s the rundown.


Buying the latest and greatest technology is a tempting idea, but it can take a toll on your wallet. The Macbook Pro 2017 gives you nearly the same performance and features as some of the latest models but at a fraction of the cost. We’re talking about savings that could go into accessories, software, or maybe even a vacation!

Tried-and-Tested Hardware

Ever hear the saying, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t?” The Macbook Pro 2017 is no devil, but it is a known quantity. This model has been around for years, receiving multiple updates and proving its worth in real-world situations. You get the peace of mind that comes from using hardware that has been tested by a large user base.

Power and Speed

One of the defining features of the Macbook Pro 2017 is its speed. It’s equipped with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, which bring a significant performance boost. With dual-core and quad-core options, you can choose the processing power that suits your needs. Whether you’re rendering 3D graphics, editing high-definition videos, or running complex simulations, the Macbook Pro 2017 handles it all with finesse.

Understanding the Macbook Pro 2017 Software

Alright, let’s switch gears and talk about the software aspect of the Macbook Pro 2017.

macOS Sierra

The Macbook Pro 2017 originally shipped with macOS Sierra, an operating system that brought Siri to the Mac for the first time. You might think it’s outdated, but Apple provides solid support for older OS versions. Moreover, you can upgrade to more recent macOS versions for free. Have you ever considered the role of an operating system like a conductor in an orchestra, coordinating all the different hardware to create a beautiful user experience? That’s macOS for you!

Software Compatibility

The great thing about owning a Macbook is the wide range of software options available to you. From productivity suites like Microsoft Office to professional-grade video editing software like Final Cut Pro, the Macbook Pro 2017 can handle them all with aplomb. Don’t worry about missing out on the latest apps or features; most software developers support older hardware for years after release.

How to Make the Most of Your Macbook Pro 2017

So you’ve decided on the Macbook Pro 2017 or you’ve been an owner for a while. How can you squeeze every ounce of productivity and enjoyment out of this machine? Let’s explore.

Optimization Tips

The Macbook Pro 2017 is a robust machine, but like any computer, it can slow down over time. Fear not! Simple things like keeping your software up-to-date, clearing your cache files, and organizing your desktop can actually make a significant difference. Think of it as decluttering your room; the more organized it is, the easier it is to focus and be productive.


Accessories aren’t just the icing on the cake; they’re like having the right tools for a job. A protective case can keep your Macbook Pro 2017 looking new, a stand can elevate it to reduce neck strain, and an external hard drive can provide crucial backup for your files. Don’t overlook these extras; they can greatly enhance your overall experience.

Common Troubleshooting Tips

Oh, the joys and pains of technology! While the Macbook Pro 2017 is a stellar machine, it’s not immune to issues. Let’s discuss some common problems and their solutions.

Battery Issues

If you find that your Macbook Pro 2017 battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, don’t rush to buy a new laptop just yet. Try calibrating the battery first or resetting the System Management Controller (SMC). Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective.

Software Glitches

It’s happened to all of us—software suddenly crashes or doesn’t work as expected. Usually, a simple reboot can do wonders. But if the problem persists, consider clearing cache files or reinstalling the software. Remember, Google is your friend. Many common software issues have already been encountered and solved by others.

Upgrading Your Macbook Pro 2017

Many users believe that the Macbook Pro 2017 isn’t upgradable, but that’s not entirely accurate. While certain components like the processor are soldered in, there are other ways to enhance your machine’s performance.

SSD Upgrade

The speed of your Macbook Pro 2017 is greatly influenced by its Solid State Drive (SSD). Upgrading to a larger or faster SSD can give your system a noticeable performance boost. Think of it as moving from a cramped studio apartment to a spacious penthouse; suddenly, everything feels breezier and more comfortable.

Increasing RAM

Contrary to popular belief, the RAM in some versions of the Macbook Pro 2017 is upgradable. More RAM means smoother multitasking and better performance across the board. Imagine juggling balls; the more skilled you are (or the more RAM you have), the more balls you can keep in the air.

Macbook Pro 2017 for Professionals

The Macbook Pro 2017 isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a workhorse that can be an invaluable tool for professionals in various fields. Let’s dive into how it serves specific professional needs.

For Designers

The Macbook Pro 2017’s Retina display is a godsend for designers. The high pixel density ensures that every hue and shade appears as it should, allowing you to work with a level of detail that lesser displays can’t match. Think of it as painting on a pristine canvas instead of a grainy sheet of paper; the quality of your work is bound to be different.

For Developers

For those in the development world, the Macbook Pro 2017 provides enough horsepower to manage most tasks with ease. Whether you’re developing apps, websites, or software, the robust macOS, coupled with competent hardware, ensures a smooth development environment. It’s like having a well-organized toolbox where everything you need is within arm’s reach.

User Reviews and Testimonials

No review would be complete without taking into account what actual users have to say about the Macbook Pro 2017. Let’s break down some common sentiments.

Positive Reviews

Users often praise the Macbook Pro 2017 for its reliability and durability. Many attest to the laptop’s long lifespan, likening it to a reliable car that may not be the latest model but gets you where you need to go, year in and year out.

Negative Reviews

On the flip side, some users have reported issues with the butterfly keyboard and limited ports. Like anything in life, the Macbook Pro 2017 isn’t perfect. Think of it as a favorite novel with a couple of typos; the essence is still solid, but there are minor imperfections

Choosing the Right Model for You

It’s tempting to simply opt for the most powerful Macbook Pro 2017 available, but it’s more prudent to match your purchase to your actual needs. Here are some considerations.

Identify Your Needs

First off, what do you need your Macbook Pro 2017 for? Is it primarily for work, school, creative projects, or a mix of everything? If you’re a casual user who mostly browses the web and works on documents, you don’t need the highest specs. It’s like buying a sports car just to go grocery shopping—sure, it’s cool, but perhaps a bit overkill?

Storage Capacity

How much storage you need largely depends on what you’ll be using your Macbook Pro 2017 for. If you’re dealing with large media files, opt for a larger SSD. On the other hand, if most of your work is cloud-based, you can save money by choosing a smaller storage capacity.

Where to Buy Your Macbook Pro 2017

You’ve made up your mind; you’re going for the Macbook Pro 2017. But where should you buy it? Here are some options.

Authorized Apple Retailers

There’s a sense of security when you buy from an authorized Apple retailer. You know you’re getting a genuine product, complete with warranty and customer support. It’s like buying a book directly from the bookstore instead of a random stand on the street.

Online Marketplaces

While authorized retailers are a safe bet, online marketplaces can offer better deals. Platforms like eBay or Amazon often have refurbished Macbook Pro 2017 models at significantly reduced prices. But exercise caution; ensure the seller has a solid reputation.

Buying Used

If you’re on a tight budget, a used Macbook Pro 2017 can be a good option. However, you need to be extra cautious. Check for things like battery health, screen condition, and overall hardware functionality. Think of it like adopting a pet; you want to know it’s healthy and well taken care of before you bring it home.


What’s the battery life like on the Macbook Pro 2017?
The Macbook Pro 2017 offers up to 10 hours of battery life for light tasks, which should get you through a typical workday.

Can I run the latest macOS on it?
Yes, you can upgrade the Macbook Pro 2017 to newer macOS versions, ensuring software compatibility and security.

Is the Macbook Pro 2017 good for gaming?
While not designed as a gaming machine, the Macbook Pro 2017 can handle casual gaming. For high-end games, however, it may not be the best choice.

What’s the deal with the Touch Bar?
The Touch Bar is a touch-sensitive strip that replaces the function keys, offering contextual controls based on the application you’re using.

How does the Retina display compare to regular displays?
The Retina display provides higher pixel density, offering more vivid colors and sharper images compared to regular displays.

Is the Macbook Pro 2017 still worth buying?
Absolutely, especially if you’re looking for a balance of cost and performance. The Macbook Pro 2017 offers robust features at a more budget-friendly price point.


After journeying through the ins and outs of the Macbook Pro 2017, the burning question remains: should you buy it? Well, the answer isn’t a straightforward yes or no; it’s a nuanced “it depends.” But let’s break it down a bit.

If you’re in the market for a laptop that balances cost and performance, the Macbook Pro 2017 is an option you shouldn’t overlook. Its proven track record and substantial community support make it a reliable choice. Think of it like that classic film you can rewatch time and again—it may not have the glitz of the latest blockbuster, but it has depth and reliability that stand the test of time.

The Macbook Pro 2017 offers a solid range of features, from its sleek design and Retina display to its robust operating system. While it may not be the newest kid on the block, it’s got the sort of maturity that only comes with years of updates and real-world testing. It’s the friend you can call at 3 a.m., reliable and there when you need it.

But, if you’re after the absolute latest tech and have the budget to match, or if your profession demands the highest computing power available, then you might want to look at newer models.

In the end, choosing to buy the Macbook Pro 2017 is like choosing a well-aged wine over a new release. It may not have the sparkle of a brand-new bottle, but its flavors have been perfected over time, offering a rich experience that satisfies in a way that something new just can’t replicate.

So there you have it. Whether or not the Macbook Pro 2017 is for you comes down to what you’re looking for in a laptop. If reliability, cost-effectiveness, and proven performance are high on your list, then you won’t be disappointed.